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Income Protection for Tradesmen and Self Employed

Income protection or income protection replacement insurance is a policy designed to payout a specified monthly benefit in the event of you being unable to work due to disability or accident or sickness.

We can offer you a quote from a Friendly Society, rather than a general insurance company as they are generally more competitive for Class 3 and 4 occupations such as builders, mechanics, gardeners, welders, plumbers, electricians etc.

Also includes professional specialist occupations such as dentists and surgeons.

Own occupation cover available.

We have a great range of products to suit your individual circumstances.

Income Protection Product Features from a Friendly Society

  • You choose the deferred period to suit your needs, this ranges between 4 and 52 weeks. Back to day one cover available
  • Insurance provides an income commencing after a deferred period for a person who is unable to work due to sickness or injury.
  • The policy has a fixed term, usually to retirement age of 60 or 65.
  • The policy, when in place, is permanent. The premiums cannot increase (unless a reviewable premium is chosen).
  • There is a maximum insured income limit based on several factors. Please contact us for your specific situation.
  • The benefits can be level or increase at a fixed amount.
  • Premium rates are not usually occupation based.
  • Maximum income typically up to 60% of your earned income