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Family Income Benefit Quotes

Family income protection or family life insurance provides your family with a monthly income for the remaining term of the policy, rather than a single lump sum.

Family income benefit product features:

  • A fixed term policy.
  • Providing a tax free income from the date of death to the end of the term of the policy
  • Option on claim to commute the monthly income for a single cash lump sum.
  • No benefit on survival.
  • No surrender value.
  • The monthly premiums remain the same throughout the term unless you choose the increasing option.
  • The policy is arranged for a fixed number of years.

Family income life assurance is now available with critical illness cover as an option.

Family Income Benefit Policy Benefits:

  • Low cost cover providing a tax free income, particularly useful for young families.
  • Benefit is paid on death (or diagnosis of a specified critical illness if that option is taken out) of the insured person for the remaining years of the policy term.
  • Provides valuable income to the surviving spouse/partner to bring up children etc.
  • Available for long or short term plans.
  • Available for single or joint applicants.


Family Income Benefit Policy Limitations

  • Fixed term means no flexibility, you may wish to extend cover but this is not possible.
  • No continuing insurability, you may be ill at the end of the term and unable to obtain further cover.
  • No investment element.
  • The fixed sum assured does not take account of inflation unless you choose the increasing option.




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