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Why You Should Make a Will

If you don't have a Will, then you will die 'Intestate'. This means that your money and your possessions will be distributed strictly according to the law and not your wishes.

Without a Will:

  • You cannot be sure that those you would wish to benefit would actually do so
  • Your spouse/civil partner may not automatically inherit ALL of your estate
  • 'Common Law' partners will not receive anything
  • Minor children would be taken into Care whilst Guardians are appointed
  • There may be lengthy delays for beneficiaries and possibly family disputes

Even if you are married, your spouse may not be entitled to all of your estate. If you're not married then your partner would not be entitled to anything. If you're not married and have children, the children would inherit your estate and possibly (if you have a tenants in common mortgage) your share of the house, leaving your partner having to sell their home to pay out the children or your parents.

If you already have a Will, is it up to date? Marriage revokes all previous Wills. If you now have children, then you need to consider Guardians for them to ensure that they would be looked after in accordance with your wishes. If you have separated from your spouse, without a judicial separation, then the law will consider your married Will valid. You may not wish your former spouse to inherit everything. If you're divorced and have not updated your will, your former spouse may still be the executor.

In a Will, you can specify bequests to friends,carers and charities. Without a Will, your estate may go to family members that you no longer have contact with or have never had contact with - think Heir Hunters!

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We will talk you through what you require and what you hope to achieve. We fill in the Will form over the phone for you. When it's complete, we will send you a draft copy. Once you are satisfied with the draft, we will send you the final legal document to sign.

A valid Will has to be:-
Made by a person aged 18 or over
Made willingly and not subject to pressure from anyone
Made by a person of sound mind
Signed in the presence of two witnesses (the witnesses or anyone married to them cannot benefit from the will)