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Redundancy and Unemployment Cover

Are you looking for redundancy/unemployment cover only?

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We can offer it with accident and sickness insurance as well as the redundancy cover on its own.

Many redundancy policies are only suitable for those with a mortgage and can only be taken out with a new mortgage.

We have a competitive redundancy and unemployment insurance product that offers the following benefits:

  • Up to £2000 monthly benefit.
  • No mortgage/loan required.
  • Benefit not linked to income.
  • Back to Day 1 Cover (monthly in arrears).
  • No occupational/industry restrictions.
  • Benefits payable for up to 12 months per valid claim.
  • 90 day initial exclusion period.

As with all policies, not every product is suitable for every individual so we strongly recommend that you give us a ring or fill out our enquiry form so that our experienced and helpful advisers can guide you through what suits you best.