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What is Special Risks Life Insurance ?

Poor Health?Hazardous Occupation?Dangerous Hobbies?

Our experience shows that not all life companies are equal when it comes to providing for life assurance, particularly if you have had some health problems, you work in a dangerous industry or you have a taste for extreme sports.

You could apply to all the companies, one at a time and see who will accept you with the least premium loading (if they accept you at all). This can take months if each one requires a medical and a doctors report.

OR you can fill out one form with us and let us do the work for you.

We submit your details to specialist underwriters who have the knowledge and experience of your particular needs and we then apply to the most appropriate life company.

We cannot guarantee that you are accepted for a policy or that your premiums won't be increased or loaded. Our aim is simple "to get you the most competitive cover suitable to your circumstances".

CONTACT US by clicking on the "REQUEST A CALL BACK" button at the top of the page or ring for free on 0800 458 3525 and we will take all your details.

Some of the Special Risks we cater for:

  • Life insurance bowel cancer
  • Life insurance breast cancer
  • Life insurance testicular cancer
  • Life insurance scuba diving
  • Life insurance hang gliding
  • Life insurance motor racing